Tropical Spirulina Cheesecake

This dreamy tropical cheesecake will leave you feeling like a kitchen magician! Raw vegan cheesecake is a great alternative to regular high sugar and trans fat desserts. This cheesecake is entirely raw!


Spirulina is an incredible ally in rebuilding the central nervous system and removing heavy metals such as mercury and toxic copper from the brain and body. Spirulina offers vital support to the thyroid. Its critical micronutrients feed healthy thyroid tissue and have a restorative effect on the gland, while its iodine content is very effective at acting as an antiseptic against  Epstein-Barr virus cells in the thyroid, which reduces the pathogen load there so it can heal (EBV is behind almost all thyroid issues). Spirulina can also help with nodules, tumors, and cysts.

Subsequently, all of the powerful vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants that are present in whole foods remain in tact. Spirulina is the star of the show giving this cake it's ‘cool’ underwater teal colour. Spirulina is full of antioxidants, chlorophyll and digestible protein making it a really fun and healthy superfood to work with. And don’t worry, the lemon juice masks the blue green algae taste very well. Bon appetit!


1 C pecans
1 C dates
5 Tbsp desiccated coconut
¼ tsp fine salt

2 C cashews
½ C lemon juice
¾ C coconut milk
¾ tsp Spirulina Powder
4 Tbsp raw honey
¼ tsp fine salt

granadilla pulp


Step 1

In a powerful food processor blend the crust ingredients until a ball has formed. Test the crust by spooning out a small amount of the mixture and rolling it between your fingers. If the ingredients hold together you have a crust!

Step 2

Grease a springform pan with coconut oil. Press the mixture firmly into the pan. Make sure the edges are well packed and that the base is relatively even throughout. Rinse the food processor.

Step 3

Place all of the filling ingredients into the food processor (except for the spirulina) and blend on high until very smooth. This could take a couple of minutes.

Step 4

Pour about ½ of the filling onto the crust and smooth with the back of a spoon. Add spirulina to the remaining filling and blend until smooth, and pour on top of the first layer. Place in the freezer to set.

Step 5

Remove from the freezer about 5 minutes prior to eating. Run a smooth sharp knife under hot water and cut into slices.

Step 6

Decorate with an assortment of fruits with contrasting colours and flavour. Have fun!


The filling should not be too runny as this can compromise the cakes ability to ‘hold its shape’ when taken out of the freezer.


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