The entire potato, inside and out, is valuable and beneficial for your health: potato plants draw some of the highest concentration of macro and trace minerals from the earth. Potatoes are also high in potassium and rich in vitamin B6, as well as a fantastic source of amino acids, especially lysine in its bioactive form.

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Sophie Germanier Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier 2021 (6)

This beautiful Rhone inspired blend presents floral aromas ...

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Truefood Organic Coconut Flour 400g

Coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid, and it is suggested ...

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Sales price: 57,50 R
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Tax amount: 7,50 R
Price / 100 ml: 0,14 R

Superfoods Baobab Powder

Organic Wild-Harvested Baobab is an all-natural, ...

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MCC La Verne Chardonnay/Pinot Noir 2020 (6)

The palate tells a story of freshness, flinty and rich in ...

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Org de Rac Rosè 2022 (6)

This Provence style Blanc de Noir was made from Shiraz ...

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Org de Rac Shiraz 2020 (6)

Spicy Shiraz pairs well with Roquefort cheese and game ...

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Sales price: 690,00 R
Sales price without tax: 600,00 R
Tax amount: 90,00 R
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