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AllisOne Tissue Salts - Ferrum Phos (180)

Ferrum Phos indications and use Anti-Inflammatory and Oxygenator.
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Ferrum Phos indications and use Anti-Inflammatory and Oxygenator.

The first-aid salt, Ferrum Phos is an oxygen carrier, anti-inflammatory and supports the immune system. Releases energy and is important to maintain muscular strength and function, thus supports active children, adults and athletes.

Ferrum Phos is responsible for our ability and capacity to obtain oxygen efficiently from the outside. It is found in the red blood cells and in most other cells of the body, particularly the muscle cells.

It supports the function of the circulatory and immune systems and should be used to assist at the onset of all inflammatory conditions.

Ferrum Phos is indicated to assist:Cuts, bruises, sprains, nosebleeds, breathlessness, fatigue due to oxygen, deprivation, frontal or throbbing headaches, throbbing pains, infections, fevers below 38.5ยบ C, recurrent colds or influenza and Anaemia.

Facial Analysis Signs

Flushed red ears, forehead, cheeks or face, usually with increased heat or temperature.


Dark blue-black circles under the eyes beginning at the inner corners.


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