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The Truth about Foods & Viruses Featured

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When you feel the sniffles coming on, what’s your go-to remedy? Do you reach for a refreshing glass of orange juice?

Most of today's illness "auto immune" are caused by viruses that were created by science & pharmaceuticals in labs and people trust them for health solutions. Really use your intellect that was given you by our creator God!


Eggs feed every single virus and bacteria that create conditions that are thought to be autoimmune diseases. Even if you are eating cage-free, natural eggs, these still act as food for pathogens. Viruses look for egg material in the body to feed on. Science created these viruses on eggs in labs and that's why they like eggs.

This is all about anti-viral and anti-bacteria

Gluten, Vinegar & Citric Acid

  • Citric acid – that is used as a preservative is hard on the lining of the intestinal walls of the intestines
  • Citric acid irritates the nerves like the Vegas verve
  • Acacia Gum is bad
  • Gluten – Until this day the Medical science do not understand way gluten is a problem!!!

The true reason why we react to gluten:

  1. Do you know any 80 years old eating gluten all their lives and does not show any sensitiveness from glute? Yes I do od many people
  2. The reason why people avoid gluten, is that the medical profession is telling people gluten is causing inflammation or “auto immune” problems
  3. There is NO proof that gluten is causing it!!!
  4. Fact: Gluten feeds pathogens
  5. Viruses are the CAUSE of illness that the medical profession calls “ auto immune illnesses and responses”
  6. It gluten feeding the bugs!
  7. Streptococcus is also fed by gluten and the bug creates more inflammation that creates acne

Causes of inflammation

A) Physical blow to body,  

B) Pathogens,

C) Emotional trauma,

D) Black magic and various other energies that can have an influence on the n=body as the body is made out of energy.

E) The medical profession does NOT know the root of illness. ASK Healer Omar and buy all save products online here!

F) Hormones, stress and genes CAN NOT cause the issues!!!

G) The immune system goes after the pathogens that causes the inflammation…

Vinegar & Citric Acids

  • Vinegar dehydrates the body on a deeply cellular level
  • Preserves the poison inside the body
  • Then toxins goes into the sell.
  • We need to be hydrated all the time with the best water on the planet Love H2O as the water is micro clustered like cells in the body and removes the toxins out the cells
  • Vinegar helps the toxins inside the cells and organs in as it sucks the water out of the sells and drive poisons inside the cells and organs
  • Vinegar binds to toxins in water and puts it into cells
  • Vinegar separates the toxins from the blood and water and drives them into the cells as it clings to the toxins
  • Vinegar drives water out of cells.


  • Knowing the cause is half the battle won and knowing what to do is the other half.


Dairy is mucus forming

  • It clogs up the liver quickly.  
  • Dairy just does not get just broken down through the digestive tract; dairy sticks around…
  • It slows down the absorption of other products
  • Like fruits and veggies
  • It traps the nutrients in the dairy film and then these nutrients loose there value before than can be used properly.
  • A healthy Liver keeps products (phytonutrients) from oxidizing and dairy interferes with this…
  • Dairy blocks up the digestive system and blocks absorption of nutrients and causes pathogens to thrive
  • Dairy block the absorption of O2 and makes the liver sluggish instantly and feeds pathogen growth and mucus starts forming
  • It increases histamine and then we get more mucus
  • Lymphatic system control pathogens and they also get clogged down by dairy
  • Dairy products get in the way of the natural killer sells t -helper cells doing their job.
  • One needs to do a cleanse to get rid of the dairy and pathogens….

Fermented food:

Kombucha, sauerkraut & yogurt


  • Fermentation is not a healing technique it’s a survival technique to preserve food back in the day!
  • Its only a theory that the microorganisms are healing.
  • Yoghurt will feed the sleeping giants like Epstein Barr, singles, corona etc.
  • Non-dairy yoghurt, like coconut yoghurt does not solve the issue because fermented products is not healing
  • Any kind of fermented meats, dairy or any products should be avoided at any cost.
  • The micro organisms in meat and micro organisms of death they are part of the decaying process when animals die. The develop or arrive on the scene then an animal dies to break down the carcass and they thrive on rotting flesh.
  • Fermented products like kimchee is not that bad as the still have the right nutrients and microorganisms to heal.
  • None of the millions of microorganisms that keeps the body alive and heals it is part of the microorganism that are in fermented vegetables.
  • Each meal you have is critical to your health.
  • It’s much better to eat flesh organic raw and cooked meals. Good microorganisms in the body thrives on products like basil, celery juice and other leafy greens.
  • Celery juice kills viruses and get rid of various toxins in the body
  • When someone is sick it’s not the microbiome that is the issue

Be proud to have freedom of chose to make your own decisions to have better health with the following information:

  1. Food wars
  • How to be save from what societies dictates to healthy that are guesswork
  • Stand up for yourself with this information
  • People that are the most vocal is not sick…
  • Paid studies “science” that are only in to “truth” because it’s for their own interest “money”
  • Millions are still struggling with many health issues without various “diets” healing them, yes people get better eating healthier cutting out processed foods eating wholesome diets, whether paleo, vegan, vegetarian, keto etc… People are still not healing… Why?

People are sick because of toxins and pathogens

  1. We are often told salt is healthy in our diets as long as its in high quality salt, like sea salt or Himalayan salts
  2. There are so many mineral is  it , yes its true and these salts still prevents the body from cleansing toxic metals. Cleansing is critical!
  3. They do not contain the life force like some herbs, like celery juice
  4. hydro bioactive water contains electrolytes that cleanses the body better than any product out there (celery salts)
  5. Regular salts are not the toxifier’s  
  6. Regular salts takes water from places where its critically needed in places like organs where it replaces the water in needed places
  7. It can case swelling, water retention, unwanted weight gain
  8. It’s NOT a small pinch of salt like  sea salt or Himalayan salt are not the problem here…
  9. It’s the sodium in packaged foods, restaurant foods that are the problem
  10. Salt to taste – Every one as free will to add salt…
  11. Most to us then have more slat than needed in life… It dehydrates the body. Salt preserves toxins and poison in the inside body. Salt holds on to poison, toxins and concentrates them in our organ tissues and dehydrates them, like the spleen, liver kidneys etc.
  12. Pushing critical needed structured water to cleans the body. Love H2O
  13. When we are dehydrated it’s impossible to detox!
  14. Salt disrupts the body’s immune system removing water from our natural killer cells. (white blood count)
  15. Sodium cluster salts in celery juice kills pathogen (different sodium clusters)
  16. Sea vegetables are healing because it contains natural salts and easy absorbable. They pull radiation out the bodies.

The world of illness needs to hear the truth

  1. Doctors do not know anything about nutrition and therefore can’t heal you!
  2. Pathogens created by science, doctors & pharmaceutical are behind chronic illness and these foods feed them.
  3. Science used these foods like eggs to create pathogens
  4. Auto immune does not exist – the body never attacks itself

 bicolor corn 090616


  1. So little white mielies is organic and most GMO
  2. Conventional mielies can get us into trouble because of GMO contamination (corn chips, corn syrup..)
  3. Genetically modified mielies holds toxins due to the genetic alteration of these foods, that poses a risk when you cleaning and detoxing! That’s the issue
  4. It poses a risk when you are pathogenic
  5. It does not mean it mielies are not sprayed with pesticides, herbicides an fungicides they are NOT GMO!
  6. Pathogens are so used to feed of GMO mielies, because GMO mielies was used in labs to raise various viruses, that theses pathogens can develop an appetite for corn that is NOT organic.
  7. Viruses are trained by science to feed of GMO Mielies


Mielies was an amazing healing nutritious meal back in the day!

Now from Soulcare and Healer Omar Botha

  1. Soulcare Organic Popcorn helps healing arthritis
  2. Soulcare Organic White Mielie Meal Heals HIV and kills viruses
  3. Please be aware when buying other products in the market and check the labelling that there are NO maize added when it states it is gluten free but made with Corn, Mielies as the chances it is GMO is 99%


Get the book Cleanse to Heal

  1. Oils have a hyper blood fat perception than eating a whole food and the body processes it complete different.
  2. Oils extracted from foods: bypass the safety mechanisms build into our organics it drops into the duwadum and small intestinal tract (The duodenum is the first section of the small intestine)
  3. Oil lowers the oxygen levels in the blood
  4. Adrenaline is a blood thinner to protect the heart from too much fat
  5. It’s not survival of the fittest, its survival of the world that are less toxic, with less pathogens, poisons and heavy metals in the body.


images5177 5c493d9b8c8b3 1024x683

Gluten feeds viruses. What are beer made of?

Beer is made from four basic ingredients: Barley, water, hops and yeast. The basic idea is to extract the sugars from grains (usually barley) so that the yeast can turn it into alcohol and CO2, creating beer. The brewing process starts with grains, usually barley (although sometimes wheat, rye or other such things.)

Thus beer feeds viruses!

NB – viruses can NOT survive in the body if you have a healthy liver… Ask me how to cleanse my lifestyle and liver.

Healer Omar Botha

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We live in toxic times. Science and research doesn’t know this yet, but different strains of Epstein-Barr, streptococcus, shingles, Corona, and other viruses and bacteria are at the root of most chronic health conditions, mystery symptoms and autoimmune diseases.
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