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The Link Between Viruses & The Liver Featured

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The Medical Industry, science and research don’t yet know how the liver is involved in chronic conditions, or that this organ has a powerful and intricate immune system.

It’s unbelievable how much we rely on our livers and how much the health of our liver influences whether we experience a chronic illness or symptom.


The Liver is one of the most important organs in the body. The liver is responsible for more than 2,000 chemical functions in the body (though science and research only believe it’s responsible for about 500). How Your Liver Works For You. Liver Troublemakers - There hundreds of different toxins, pollutants, and pathogens like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, prescription drugs, aluminum, lead, copper, mercury, viruses, bacteria and more that the liver needs to get rid of every day…

These are the toxins we’re surrounded by in our modern world and that we are even born into this world with (not because of genetics but because they are passed down from generation to generation through the family line). They’re what makes us sick. They’re what cause disease and chronic illness, including the conditions believed to be autoimmune diseases (learn more about the mistaken autoimmune theory in Thyroid Healing and Liver Rescue).

In order to care for the liver, it’s important to understand how it works. There’s a highway of blood called the hepatic portal vein that rushes from your gastrointestinal tract into your liver. This blood vessel brings vitamins, minerals, nutrients, hormones, oxygen, hydration and, unfortunately, troublemakers too.

The liver is a master at sorting out the good and the bad. It takes the good stuff—the nutrients and other helpful natural compounds—and puts them where they need to be used in the liver. Your liver is incredibly smart. It knows all about the compounds that are in a food as well as how to store or distribute those elements.

Take the example of an apple. This incredible piece of fruit contains a living water that’s hydrating and nourishing for your liver and your entire body. The liver can take the special living water from that apple, compress it and store it until it needs to be used at a later date. Then when your body needs those elements or you are dehydrated, your liver can reactivate and rehydrate that living water and send it out into your bloodstream. This is all undiscovered information that medical science and research are unaware of. I want you to know how truly miraculous your liver is so you can take proper care of it. I explain exactly how to do this in Liver Rescue.

The liver’s ability to orchestrate everything that comes in from that hepatic portal vein keeps you in balance, and it keeps your body functioning. It’s not known the science and research yet, but your liver also has its very own immune system to help protect itself and in doing so protect you. I have a chapter in Liver Rescue on your liver’s immune system with a full explanation of how it works for you.

Your liver also identifies the liver troublemakers I mentioned (for a full list and explanation of each, see Liver Rescue) and works to neutralize and detoxify them. Neutralizing is a process where the liver makes the toxin less harmful, so that if the toxin travels through the bloodstream and especially to the heart and brain, it won’t cause major problems.

The liver also holds onto some of the worst offenders and locks them away deep inside itself. It really doesn’t want certain toxins floating around your body and making their way to your heart or brain—these troublemakers are too dangerous. So they get stored away in deep pockets of the organ.

But we need our livers to be healthy in order to do all of this well. If the liver is too overwhelmed by toxins and poor food choices (now or in the past), and if it’s become sluggish or fatty or weak, it can’t do its job properly. And your health begins to suffer or worsen even more. Even if you don’t have any symptoms or conditions right now, it doesn’t mean they are not in the process of developing internally. As I shared before, nine out of ten people have a sluggish liver and soon enough it will be ten out of ten people for all the reasons I share in Liver Rescue, so it’s essential that everyone knows what their liver needs and how to curb and heal the symptoms and conditions that can result.

NB - Every single person today has dirty blood due to the world we are living in, the pathogens and toxins we are exposed to and inherit through our family lines

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If the liver functions well and we eat fruit and vegetables that feeds the liver with crucial glycogen then there will be enough oxygen in the bloodstream to feed the various organs.

“Your Liver’s True Calling: Miracle Peacekeeper”:

  • Processing fat and protecting the pancreas
  • Glucose and glycogen storage
  • Vitamin and mineral storage
  • Disarming and detaining harmful materials
  • Screening and filtering blood
  • Guarding you with its own personalized immune system

Your Liver is up against poisons and pathogens such as the Unforgiving Four (radiation, toxic heavy metals, DDT, and the viral explosion),

The Corona Virus Pandemic:

  • Masks do NOT stop you from getting a virus, that's the livers job!
  • Wearing a mask deprives you from O2, Even a 0,1% drop in O2 intake can have serious health complications...
  • Sanitisers do NOT kill viruses, again that't the livers job!

Microbiome, Gut Health, & Candida

  • Good micro-organisms do not stop bad micro-organisms
  • Good micro-organisms do not stop bad bacteria in the gut
  • The bad will NOT die!
  • The good micro-organisms do not go to war with the bad micro-organisms
  • Good biotics will not heal you! You will need to know what the cause of the problem is.
  • Gut products will NOT heal you!
  • The gut is a pathway to supply nutrients to the body.
  • Good bacteria does not strengthen our immune systems, zinc, and ester c does.

Your problems and illness is NOT because of the gut or the bacteria in the gut

If you change your diet there will be some changes, the problem is pathogens in the body!!!

NB – viruses can NOT survive in the body if you have a healthy liver… Ask me how to cleanse my lifestyle and liver.

Healer Omar Botha

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We live in toxic times. Science and research doesn’t know this yet, but different strains of Epstein-Barr, streptococcus, shingles, Corona, and other viruses and bacteria are at the root of most chronic health conditions, mystery symptoms and autoimmune diseases.
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