Tierhoek Dried Tomato

Tomatoes shield the liver from damage...
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 Italian Plum Tomato Ripe Iatlian tomatoes dried crispy and full of flavour. Soak in hot water to soften...


Tierhoek Organic products use only certified organic ingredients and sun-ripened, freshly picked, natural ingredients.  Tierhoek aims to catch the essence of fresh fruit in a jar or dried – to preserve its natural goodness beyond its fresh lifespan.

  • NO added sulphur!
  • NO GMO products (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • NO synthetic or petrochemical sprays!
  • NO re-hydrated dried fruit!
  • NO imported fruit!

All dried fruit is packed in Good for the Ground biodegradable, compostable bags made 100% from starch. All labels are biodegradable and glass jars are recyclable.


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