Bio-Italia Pasta Penne Rigate Organic

Organic italian whole wheat pasta.
The rough and porous surface lets the pasta better espouse the condiment and exalt the taste.
Base price for variant 68,33 R
Sales price 78,58 R
Sales price without tax 68,33 R
Tax amount 10,25 R
Price / 100 g: 0,16 R

It is the fruit of an accurate selection of the best organic whole wheat semolinas. This pasta is the result of the processing of the whole wheat kernel, complete with the bran and germ and it is rich in precious nutrients contained in these latter.

Organic durum whole wheat semolina. Contains gluten.


Grains - Healer Omar Botha

Chronic illness is growing at an alarming rate!

  • Even with the removing or process foods and still chronic illness is rising at an alarming rate…
  • Your body does not attack itself, you are not to blame for your genes and your hormones why you are sick with Lyme disease etc.

Food wars:

Why do I want to remove a gluten free grain?

  • The misinformed information that grains cause inflammation
  • Gluten free grain do NOT feed pathogens!
  • We do not need to be concerned about gluten free grains that will feed viruses that causes inflammation…
  • Gluten feeds VOVID-19, Epstein Bar. Streptococcus
  • Grain are nutritious they do not offer the antioxidants, phytonutrients like fruit. They do not offer anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties
  • Move to potatoes, as they are anti-viral


How do grains interact with fat?

  • Oat meal with peanut butter, or almond butter, toast wit avocado, protein bars, chicken sandwiches, pasta, oats and cream, cheese and pasta, pizza and vegan cheese, pork and rice.
  • Breakfast of yoghurt and eggs,
  • Radical fats, is when must of our calories are driven by fat, weather healthy or unhealthy
  • Keto diets are based or radical fats.
  • Radical fats in grains take a bit of time to digest, fats form oil, chicken, seeds, etc.
  • Complex carbo-hydrates brake down into sugars and if they are fats in the bloodstream at the same time then we have fat and sugar in the bloodstream.

The true cause of insulin resistance is fats and sugar at the same time in the blood stream.

  1. Sugars attached themselves to insulin in order to enter sells, to have energy for the cells to survive
  2. Fat interferes with this process and as sugar keeps us alive
  3. The fats soak up the insulin and that gets us in trouble…
  4. No insulin resistance can happen when you keep your fats out of your oatmeal.
  5. If you can’t let go of the fats, then bring more fruit in.
  6. Always start with fruit in the morning and eat the fats the lasts it you want fats, so the cells can be fuelled with sugars 1st

Avoid grains and fat at the same time! It puts stress in the HCL acids in the stomach.

Consuming grains without fats is a whole different story and one will have no issues…

If you are illnesses symptoms you want to remove all grains and fats out of the diet for better healing. This will give your digestive system a break.


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