Mr. Organic Linguette Flatbread - Rosemary

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Mr Organic Rosemary Linguette Flatbread (150g)

– Organic & Natural
– Vegan & Vegetarian
– Produced in Italy
– Zero Air Miles

Each of these delicious flatbreads is hand stretched in Liguria, following the ancient tradition of the Mastri Fornai (master baker) and using extra virgin olive oil.
How else could they taste so authentically delicious!
Perfect for nibbling or dipping. Lovely with salads and soups to add some crunch.
All Mr. Organic food is made with organically grown ingredients and love for our planet.

 Wheat Flour (85%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (11.6%), Salt*, Rosemary (1.3%), Malted Wheat Flour, All from Organic Agriculture; *= Permitted Non-Organic ingredient


Chronic illness is growing at an alarming rate!

  • Even with the removing or process foods and still chronic illness is rising at an alarming rate…
  • Your body does not attack itself, you are not to blame for your genes and your hormones why you are sick with Lyme disease etc.

Food wars:

Why do I want to remove a gluten free grain?

  • The misinformed information that grains cause inflammation
  • Gluten free grain do NOT feed pathogens!
  • We do not need to be concerned about gluten free grains that will feed viruses that causes inflammation…
  • Gluten feeds VOVID-19, Epstein Bar. Streptococcus
  • Grain are nutritious they do not offer the antioxidants, phytonutrients like fruit. They do not offer anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties
  • Move to potatoes, as they are anti-viral

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