Org de Rac Rosè 2022 (6)

This Provence style Blanc de Noir was made from Shiraz grapes.
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WINE OF ORIGIN - Swartland
VINEYARD BACKGROUND - As a foremost organic wine producer, Org de Rac has
never subjected its soils to chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Instead we use
natural compost and seabird manure, as well as cover crops, to keep our soils in
pristine health. Biological control, i.e. natural predators, are employed to keep
vineyard pests at bay. e Shiraz vineyard responsible for our rosé grapes enjoys a
close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, which inects a lovely cool coastal minerality
to the fruit.
WINEMAKING PROCESS - e grapes are carefully sorted upon arrival at the
cellar and gently whole-bunch pressed, with only the rst 400 litres out of the press
used for the making of this premium wine. After settling cold fermentation is done,
with the wine spending some time on its lees before release to gain mouthfeel and
WINEMAKER'S TASTING NOTES - With a classic onion-skin, barely pink colour,
this Blanc de Noir captures the interest from rst glance. While it is bone dry,
tantalising layers of berry fruit add a juicy drinkabilty. e inviting oral nose of
rose petals and spice evolves into strawberry, cherry and peach layers on the
palate, which is followed by a misty mineral nish.
SERVING SUGGESTION - is accessible, fruit-driven rosé is the ideal wine for
al-fresco dining. Enjoy it well chilled on a warm day with food that matches its
fresh, vibrant character. Grilled salmon or trout, vegetable quiches, antipasti and
zesty salads are stellar matches for this versatile wine.
ALC 12.29 % | RS 4.8 g/L | Total acid 6.3 g/L | Free SO 27 mg/L | Total SO 131 mg/L | pH 3.31 g/L

Why are we selling only organic wines?

  1. Organic and Biodynamic farming is in Harmony with nature & the universe
  2. Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides feed pathogens and have heavy metals in it.
  3. Toxic heavy metals. People can also inherit metals like lead, mercury, aluminium, nickel, barium, arsenic and copper. And it’s all too easy to be exposed to these metals in daily life. Take the heavy metal copper for instance. When the local park is being sprayed with pesticides (many of which contain copper and mercury) and you breathe that in, or when you drink water that ran through a copper pipe, you’re absorbing the metal. This industrial copper is different to the trace mineral copper which can be found in healthy foods.

What Are The Unforgiving Four?

  1. The four key factors causing an endless amount of suffering today. The Unforgiving Four are the Viral Explosion, DDT, Radiation, and Toxic Heavy Metals.

Each of these four health threats can wreak havoc all on their own, but when a combination of them is present in us, they can really get a strong foothold and cause an incredible amount of suffering over time. Oftentimes, someone won't even think they have anything wrong with their health until later in life when they experience a rush of symptoms for the first time and chalk it up to menopause, are diagnosed with a disease, or the doctor doesn't know why you have depression, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, or another mystery symptom and says it's all in their head. Really, it's The Unforgiving Four at work. Healer Omar Botha


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