Soulcare Organic Free Range Rump 1Kg

100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef organically raised on beautiful wide open pastures and added organic white maize and field beans..
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Organic farming is a cycle of optimal health that starts in the soil and ends up on your plate and in your body. Animals eating crops that have been sprayed with fungicides, pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals, ingest those toxins and your body, in turn, absorbs them when you eat their meat. Vaccinating, dipping and pumping cattle with hormones further adds to the toxicity in meat that you eat, causing chronic illness like Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer.


The Liver is the Organ that Kills all Viruses!

Lower your intake of meat products and leaner meat as it will put less stress on the liver that workd hard to eliminate fats from the diet.

If it is not functioning the way it should viruses can kill you!

Now How to keep the liver clean ask me Healer Omar Botha how!!!


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One of the biggest underlying causes of chronic symptoms and conditions is viruses and the viral waste matter they produce. I also provide you with this website and information to begin healing journey by eating the right foods. CEO & Healer Omar Botha

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