The leek is a member of the Allium family, and a close relative to onions and garlic, popular for its mild, earthy flavor. Some people note that leeks taste similar to onions, but with a flavor that is more compatible with other herbs and spices.
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The numerous antioxidants that leeks provide begin converting to allicin when the vegetable is sliced, chopped, or somewhat injured. Allicin is well-known for its effects on blood consistency, reducing stickiness and in turn lowering the risk for coronary thrombosis. This compound also provides an abundance of important attributes to the body, such as antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activities and cholesterol reduction by impeding harmful enzymes in liver cells.

Leeks contain healthy amounts of folic acid, which is important for cell division and neural tube development in babies. A 2016 study from Acta Horticulturae found that leeks are especially rich in minerals, particularly potassium, iron and selenium. It also contains considerable amounts of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and copper.


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